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TrueCar Trade

At TrueCar I pioneered the complete end to end redesign of our trade-in service, which allows users to enter information about their car and get a real offer matched with a dealer who would be willing to buy it the same day. The design features a line item in the left hand panel for every selection the user makes, and an explanation to why something might have decreased the value estimate of their car. The trade product reaches 350k unique visitors monthly, and as a result of the redesign, close rate conversions increased by 400%, net promoter score (NPS) increased, and the trade product is generating millions for the company.


Trade was a newer product for TrueCar and we wanted it to be the first things to market after the rebrand. With more control over the business, we could dictate more how the experience would be. The original design was lacking in clarity and did not have logic to expedite the long form. In addition we were funneling marketing energy into this new product which meant the redesign had to carefully consider each stakeholder’s opinions on the requirements and goals.


Clarity was key to the success of this redesign. I designed an interactive panel where every selection create a new line item in the user’s breakdown, which would aggregate when the user moved forward, and the user could go back to expand/collapse any section. We made follow up questions only required if they answered “yes” for prerequisite questions, and disabled any overlapping options, decreasing overall completion time.


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